Why PrepareRespondTM

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PrepareRespond is set apart by many unique advantages and capabilities we bring to our clients: We help reduce the time and costs of your emergency response by:

  • Providing a single Common Operating Picture (COP) that displays all inventory storage locations, response locations, and even the pre-planned required emergency response planning documents based on the locations involved.
  • Providing situational awareness through real-time management dashboards (we call it a SitStat: Situation Status Display). This personally customizable dashboard always has the latest information in the system displayed, allowing Operations, Incident Command, and Executives to be working from the same information, even from different locations. Thus, enabling better and quicker decisions.
  • Managing equipment inventory from multiple locations and even mutual-aid entity inventories. We make sure you respond with the closest resources available. We even provide distance and estimated drive time to your place of deployment.
  • Managing shared resource teams including the need for hotel rooms and meals and what equipment they can provide.
  • Providing real-time detailed and summary financial reports that track how much has been spent, and how much more will be spent on the response. PrepareRespond even allows you to see the financial impact of “what-if” decisions before they are executed.
  • Providing federally approved after-incident reporting that can be used to submit to federal agencies (FEMA) for federal funds and reimbursements.

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