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Common Operating Picture

The common operating picture gives management a view of the entire response landscape detailing information showing all incidents being managed such as storms, wildfires, cyber attacks, spills or active shooters; all on a single Map view.

Our Common Operating Picture answers questions like:

  • What incidents are we managing right now and where are they?
  • What are the pre-planned response plans for that location?
  • Who is in charge of each incident?

Real-Time Situation Status Display (SitSat)

The centralized Sit-Stat dashboard provides situational awareness for the entire team from the same set of data. No paper. No boards. It is available over the Web in any location: ICC, Corporate, even at homes.

All team members have access to the same information in real time. As soon as information is entered on a form, everyone can see it. This reduces decision times, reaction times, and communication time. All of which reduces the duration and impact of the incident

Our Sit-Stat page offers a one-stop location for all incident and executive personnel answering questions like:

  • Who is in charge?
  • What actions are we taking to mitigate our damages and resolve the issues?
  • What equipment and personnel are we putting on site, and where are they?
  • How much money have we approved and spent (daily burn rate)?
  • Can I see live drone footage of the problem?

Equipment Management

The equipment resource reporting provides real-time drill down into what equipment has been authorized, ordered and on-site. You can filter your view by equipment type, location, ETA and even by cost.

We allow you to group resources into a single type (Line-Truck, boom team) that includes multiple personnel and pieces of equipment.

Our equipment resources tools support uploading of mutual-aid inventories. We not only tell you what mutual-aid equipment is available, we even tell you how far away it is, and how long it will take to get to your incident location.

Our equipment resource tools answer questions like:

  • What and how many do we have on-site?
  • What has been ordered, but not arrived yet? What is the ETA?
  • Where is the most efficient place to assign mutual-aid resources?

Lodging Management

Crisis and incident response bring to bear a large number of personnel, creating lodging and meal issues. Feeding and housing the essential in your response efforts.

PrepareRespond provides an automated room and bed assignment tool that allocates uploaded hotel rooms and beds. We assign beds based on number of beds per room, gender, and location. We also track and report the number of meals required on-site for each traveling resource

PrepareRespond will even automatically send the hotel assignment and location and contact information to the mutual-aid personnel needing the room. No dropped communications. No questions. Just solutions.

The automated feature then creates the background requests and changes to make the new plan a reality. No forms. No paper. Just solutions and actions.

Our hoteling function can answer questions like:

  • How many unassigned rooms are remaining at which hotel?
  • Where is the best place to house the team?
  • What equipment and personnel are we putting on site, and where are they?
  • Where can I house female mutual-aid personnel?
  • How many meals do we need on site tomorrow?

Resource Planning

Planning resource allocations is dynamic, hectic, and critical. Trying to keep up with the required resource changes of a dynamic emergency response is challenging.

PrepareRespond has greatly simplified this process. We provide an automated resource planning tool. This tool allows Incident Command to move resources between divisions and locations. You can add new divisions, new locations, and request and allocate new equipment or personnel; all with the click of a mouse.

The automated feature then creates the background requests and changes to make the new plan a reality. No forms. No paper. Just solutions and actions.

Our graphical planning tool helps answer questions like

  • Where is the best place for each team to go?
  • What equipment do we have in staging to allocate?
  • How do we authorize a new division to handle whatever comes up?

Mobile Support

Emergencies happen in the field, not at corporate. We put the power of PrepareRespond’s information in the hands of those in the field; the people close to the incident and who can see the damage.

Our mobile app enables field personnel to identify and report an incident including photos, lat/long location, description and assessment

PrepareRespond’s SitStat, COP, Drone viewer, Status, Resources,…. all of it is available remotely by tablet or laptop. You can take the power of PrepareRespond into the field to make accurate assessments and updates.

The answers from any function of PrepareRespond are available remotely in the field.

Drone Support

Drone footage is a difference maker in responding quickly, efficiently and effectively. It is a uniquely effective communication tool that you may not want to share publicly. Therefore, PrepareRespond provides a private drone video server and viewer with our software.

You can upload and share drone videos inside your company, without sharing it with the entire world and the media. You do not have to upload your drone footage to YouTube.

Instead, upload your drone video to your private PrepareRespond server and share the video footage through the PrepareRespond SitStat. Everyone needing access can see the latest drone footage and see for themselves the current status.

The answers from any function of PrepareRespond are available remotely in the field.

PrepareRespond’s private drone server and viewer answers questions like:

  • How bad is the damage?
  • What does the surrounding area look like?
  • How fast is the water flowing at the next river crossing?

Financial Reporting

PrepareRespond provides detailed, summary and even graphical reports on how much spend has been authorized, actually spent, and open to be spent (obligation).

PrepareRespond supports barcode scanning of personnel and equipment into and out of your emergency response. Other Systems only report on what happened historically after the paperwork is done. PrepareRespond allows you to see the impact of your decisions in a real time or even in a “what if” basis.

Our graphical and intuitive reports require no training to be able to find, see, and answer questions like:

  • What is our current daily burn rate?
  • How much is this going to cost us in total?
  • How much do certain items cost us?

Government Reporting & Reimbursement

Government reporting is important. Agencies can levy fines or even federalize a response. This is an important reason why PrepareRespond follows and uses government approved ICS forms and reports.

Government reimbursement reporting is another benefit and value PrepareRespond provides. Our software creates government approved Incident Action Plans (IAP) in minutes ready for submission for reimbursement.

Being able to submit your reimbursement request immediately after a response can result in receiving government funds or reimbursement months or even years sooner.

PrepareRespond answers government reporting and reimbursement questions like:

  • How much did we spend on the entire incident?
    • How much on equipment?
    • How much on personnel?
  • What locations were involved in the incident response?
  • What government agencies were part of the response supervision?

Guard Mangement

Many of our clients have security guards on-site, both for emergencies and for every-day activities. We have added the ability to manage guard activities including: guard scheduling, check-in and incident reporting into PrepareRespond.

You can use PrepareRespond to manage your guard activities at:

  • Corporate campuses
  • Forward Operating Bases
  • Inventory locations, … anywhere

PrepareRespond’s guard support answers questions like:

  • What have our guards been doing?
  • What incidents were logged by the guards in the past two weeks?
  • How many hours individually and collectively have they worked?

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